What are the steps in the criminal process?

Before exploring the details of criminal procedure, let ‘s look at a quick overview of the steps of the process. The process works differently In different states and the federal system, and not every case proceeds through the system In the same way. but this description Is a good approximation of the path of a [...]

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Why do we need criminal procedure?

Suppose that we had statutes that proclaimed certain conduct to be criminal but no police, prosecutors, or courts to Implement the statutes. If criminals were not afraid of being caught and prosecuted. It would hardly deter them from committing crimes, and it would send a powerful message that, as a society, we were not serious [...]

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What is criminal procedure?

Criminal procedure, also called the criminal process or the criminal Justice system, Is the mechanism through which crimes are Investigated, the guilt of criminals adjudicated, and punishment Imposed. It Includes the police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and courts, the practices and procedures observed by them, and the legal rules that ostensibly govern them. In the criminal [...]

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Review of Law Firms – Learning about the Law

If you have been trying to learn the most possible about your options for lawyers in a number of different fields, you will want to look at a review of law firms. In most cases, you are going to want to go online, since this is the most efficient, convenient, and affordable method for learning [...]

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Criminal Lawyer – When You’re in Trouble

Any time you are looking for a criminal lawyer, it’s probably not for a reason that you are particularly proud of. On the contrary, it’s probably because you have been accused of a crime. Now, if you know that you are guilty of the crime, you are going to want to find a lawyer who [...]

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Real Estate Law – A Trustworthy Attorney

If you have been considering buying or selling a house, then you are going to need to have some professionals on your side. Sure, you are going to need to have trustworthy experts who can inspect a house to determine that the foundation of the house is good, the roof is in good shape, and [...]

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Personal Injury – A Lawyer for Tough Times

Any person who has suffered personal injury understands that this can be an incredibly difficult challenge to encounter. Sure, you have to deal with the pain and potentially being out of work. If you have a severe injury, however, you also are going to have to deal with the financial aspects of injury, which include [...]

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